A New Make Like a Tree and Leaf

Yeah. I started this blog because recently I have turned over a new leaf. Really. The heaviest leaf, weighing in at that of an Oak Tree, would be the leaf that led me to stop smoking. Finally. I’ve also started working out with P90X. So far I’ve been off the wagon for the last week, but I’m starting again and have already lost 10 lbs.

The truth is things haven’t changed much yet. But for some reason I feel it coming. It’s time for me to change some things. Toss out the old clothes, move into a new house, stop smoking, and start blogging. I’m ready for my new life of peace, and am happy to start throwing out the old things that have weighed me down in that past. I don’t know when things got so heavy, but I’m ready to live on the light side. I don’t know why I was punishing myself for being sad about stuff in the past, but I’m ready to reward myself for being happy about the present. And really in this chapter of my life, I feel like the present is starting now.

I was doing great on my daily working out weight-loss regime (which I weigh 142 now and have a goal of 125, yiiikes I can’t believe I just put that in my post) until I heard the news that the company I have worked for over the last year and a half is going out of business. I was the company’s first writer, and helped mold the marketing and writing strategy we used daily. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into that place. Now I’m stuck with 6-8 weeks to find something. Actually that was 2 weeks ago. So I have 4-6 to find a job or else I will have to move back home to my parents house.

Why you ask? Well… I’ve got $9,000 in debt that I spent on stupid shit like a Pottery Barn couch, and rent for a $1000.000 apartment in downtown. So currently, I am living pay check to pay check. In fact as we speak I have $30. No lie. So if I don’t get a job it means I can’t afford to stay here, and I will have to say goodbye, again, to my boyfriend of 2 years. Poor guy. Since I’ve graduated I have lived in 4 different cities. Neither of them happened to be where he was except for my city now, Oklahoma City. He’s just graduating with an engineering degree from the University of Oklahoma. He is about to move to a place that is about 5 minutes from my house. Unfortunately… though his move in date is pretty much equal with my move out date. Shit.

That all reminds me that I need to call my landlord and tell him that I’m going to have to move out. Let me give you the scoop of my landlord. His name is Bill. Bill is a nutjob. Sorry. He’s great. He served in Vietnam, was a fireman, real-estate agent, insurance salesman, and heaven knows what else? One thing he is not, is a good landlord. He’s struggling. He even wears a knee brace. The whole thing breaks my heart, but it’s hard to stay sad when the water heater blows out for 1 month, the central a/c that is broken ends up being replaced with a window unit, the shower head doesn’t work, and the roaches come in the boatload.

Luckily, I fixed the roach thing. But I’m living in a really nice area and paying $750 in rent to be constantly surprised by the next malfunction. It’s okay though. I fixed the roach thing. That one really about sent me over the edge. I have pictures, but I’ll spare you.

The good news though is that I will hopefully find a place to work, and then will be able to move in with 2 other girls I know. This would end up saving me about $500 a month. Plus, my dog Lilly, would have a friend to play with in the daytime. Which would probably help with her attachment anxiety issues. No lie. She really has them. If I didn’t love her so much I would have gotten rid of her. Actually now that I think about it, I tried to get rid of her, but my boyfriend Mike, who gave her to me, started crying at the dinner table when I told him I didn’t think I could handle her anymore. Granted I was living in a 4th story apartment downtown… not exactly a dog friendly/dog owner friendly environment.

Anyways in the next month if everything goes right I will be getting a new job, having a garage sale, and moving. My boyfriend will also graduate from college and my mom will have a very happy Mother’s Day. As if that is not enough I’m hoping to lose 5 more pounds (shoot, I said it out loud now I have to do it…) and will be continuing on my path to smoke-free-dom… yeah.

Here goes nothing, stay tuned.

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