Soooo I haven’t figured out yet just where to take this thing. Obviously you could easily argue that my blog lacks some… Eh direction. But here is the thing. Welcome to the story of my life. The direction is there, it just isn’t so prominently displayed. I guess if it is direction you want you can just wait until I start writing about a more developed hobby… Which I have yet to discover. As for right now I don’t have a rant or anything else to talk about. I did get a new job thankfully. And did learn how to negotiate an original offering. But because the company is an online company I’m not really sure if I can blog about it yet. Either way things are starting to look up, and it feels awesome.

Oh and as for the title of this post. I am for the first time blogging from my iPad. Cha-ching. It’s money if you ask me.

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