My Daily Deal

Soooo the daily deal site that’s worked for is going out of business in less than a week. There’s no like easy way to deal with the knowledge that something you helped create from scratch will soon be erased. I remember my first day at this company, I was put in charge of developing the company copywriting. This really means I was put in front of a piece of blank Microsoft word document and told to “go”. This meant write. This meant write a snarky little blurb that sells whatever product we were trying to sell and to create a format along with that. A

To this day how it all pulled together I still don’t even know. At one time we even employed 3 full time writers and like 6 or 7 freelance writers that I helped train and edit before we published the material.

Like most .com environments my company was pretty low key. No dress code, no real hours as long as you work 40 hours you can come in late or leave whenever. Everyone was almost under 30 or was barley 30. And on top of all that we were all friends. That was the hard part as well. When you are friends with everyone you work with, and the formalities are already gone, it is a struggle top remember that you are actually at work. Somehow though we made I work, for even the short amount of time that it was running.

Every time I talk about my company with people I forget that we were technically not even open for 2 years. Even though the endeavor failed, we were in over 10 cities and did reach over 1 million people daily at one point in time. Above all else, I learned more in the last year and a half than I could have ever imagines. Everyday I learned something. Compared to my friends who have actually stable jobs I feel like I’ve acquired the knowledge that they MIGHT obtain by the time they have been working for 5 years or so. Some spend their entire life not knowing what it feels like to try something new… And to fail at it… So I can’t say it has been bad, or a waste of time. In fact I think the entire process has been a huge awesome learning experience. Worth every second.

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