I’m going to go ahead and get this little thing out of the way. I am not a big fan of rereading what I’ve already published. Actually to be frank, I’m not a big fan of rereading my work period. I reread about every paragraph, but when the whole thing is complete it takes a lot of boring for me to really have a desire to read the entire thing for errors. Odds are even if I did make a habit out of rereading my own stuff on the regular, I would probably miss the mistakes anyways, which would make me feel even more like an idiot. Yes, I am using middle school logic here people. But middle school was my hay-day so despite my best efforts to adapt, I just keep going back to 7th grade. Yeah I know, it’s sad. I wish there was like a blog volleyball team. If there was I’d be on the A-team (if I still have it). Yeah I don’t know it’s a toss up actually.

I also know they say that writing is rewriting is rewriting. But the thing is… this is a blog. It is not my work of art. Although it is work and it is art and all that, the medium to me says “spill”. I’m taking full advantage of the informality, and I’m sorry. I will work on it. But the thing is every time I read a post I want to rewrite it… and with that kind of attitude, nothing will get done.

So let’s just put it this way. Trust me. I’m a perfectionist. But this is a blog I have created to keep up with my daily life, and my daily life is everything but perfect… no matter how hard I try.This is my space. It is for me to be. I want you to look at it, of course (if you want to). But I don’t want to deal with grief from it. There is a reason I have held out on broadcasting this space to my friends and family. It is because this is my zone. A protected (ha! ironic, eh? protected internet) little piece of cyber space that gives me and my rare lapse of perfectionism a little anonymity.

So here is this also. If you know me and you are mentioned here and I didn’t tell you or warn you about it. I’m sorry. That is your fault for somehow affecting my life and emotions. If I ordered coffee from you this morning and you spilled it on me. You can bet I’m going to blog about it. And for that I’m sorry. I don’t think you’re a bad person or even that whatever you did was intentional or whatever. As for family members… well I love you. I really do love you. Your quirky and sometimes bizarre behavior has helped shaped who I am. Know that I might complain, but I will also write about the awesome things you have done as well. Above all else just remember that I am venting, and that I am sorry if it has upset you. Odds are, I didn’t think you would ever read it (just being honest).

If I knew you at one point in time I do not want your judgement sent my direction. Who I was in high school, middle school, kindergarten, college, last year, or even last week is not the person who I am today. Let me vent, let me be, and let me blog about it – whatever it is.

If you are a friend of my mom’s, thank you for visiting. If you are my mom, thank you for being so wonderful, but also some of this stuff is probably not mom appropriate. I am being sincere when I say you are not my target audience. Not that I have a target audience, but I do certainly have a not-target-audience and when it comes to matters of being 24, sometimes you probably shouldn’t know what I’m blogging about.

If this is being used against me in the court of law for some odd reason, none of this was intentional and I have been writing against my will, and I did not mean to steal your copyrighted photo or quote your copyrighted movie, or shed negative light, of any kind, in your (whoever/wherever you are) direction.

So yeah, just don’t get mad people okay. I hate mad people. This is my way of dealing with mad people. Think about this space as the closet I run into and lock myself in and then let out a huge loud scream. This is my closet and it is decorated with only peaceful things like cotton candy, chocolate, diamonds, puppies, wine fountains, synthetic but soft bird feathers, blankets, LOLcats pictures, t-shirts, cotton underwear, a digital bible quote of the day, a digital wall-sized beach scene, and Bedazzled Buddha figurines. There is not a ceiling, and the door is turquoise decorated with indestructible dead bolt locks.

Take it with a grain of salt people. Graaaain of salt.

Alright, that is all I needed. With that disclaimer, I can blog now. Thank you. Thank yew.


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