Making Friends…

To be honest it’s not easy making friends outside of school. However, I have managed to master it. Okay, actually that is a lie.

It’s really hard to make friends. What do you do if you are in a new city? It’s freaking hard. It would be easy if you could just walk into a bar and see a nice looking person and say hey, “will you be my friend,” but it just doesn’t happen like that.

Then if you work with people you think are cool and become their friends, you have to constantly worry about that thin line of “are we friends? or are we work friends?”

If she is the girlfriend of you boyfriend’s friend… you then again are wondering “are we friends?” or are we “friends because we know we will be together a lot.”

Finding friends in a city where you know no one is hard. So far this week though, I have made two friends. That’s a record breaker if you ask me. Although I didn’t wear a sign around my neck, I did for the first time start being honest about how much I wanted to have a friend.

And don’t get me wrong here. I’m a great friend. I know the world’s worst friends would say that too, but really I pride myself on “being there” for people. So you would think someone who is willing to be the giver in the relationship wouldn’t have a problem finding someone to just hang out with, but that’s not the case. The more women I talk to about it the more I find out that they are going through the same thing.

It’s time to open up the conversation about how to take the initiative when developing a friendship… Friends, unite! LOL.

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