QR Codes

Although I could spend a year getting into this, and maybe I’m the last one to jump on this bandwagon. I’m used to being a dollar late and a day short on things… (you know what I mean… and yes that was on purpose). Getting to the point I though, I have no discovered that I have a QR code. It’s not a fancy one, but it is a QR code, and it’s badass. You want to see it, okay, I’ll show you.


It’s small isn’t it? Well what it lacks for in size, it makes up for in savvy … okay?

If you want to have one for yourself, go to http://www.gravatar.com – obviously if you are on here you already have a gravatar site. You might have one and not even know it – it seems to be tricky like that. So go there and when you log in to your site go to your main progfile page and toward the bottom really really really small there is a space that reads “for developers.” I am not a developer, but I clicked every button there. And to my discovery I found a QR code. Why were they holding this out on me? Why isn’t it proudly displayed? Who knows. I’m sure there is a reason… and when I find it out I will be especially embarrassed for broadcasting this information.

But as for now, I think it’s awesome. It makes me want to go stick it o

n the back of all of my t-shirts so maybe my friends will stop stealing them. New million dollar idea? Maybe so. I’ll do what the guy did who discovered the QR code technology and let the QR t-shirt tag idea be put in the public domain for those who want to use it for the betterment of not losing so much stuff – or at least if is lost maybe now with a QR code on it you will have it returned. We can only hope.

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