Coachella by the “Likes” [infographic] by JESS3

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In anticipation of this year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, JESS3 created ‘Coachella by the “Likes”‘ infographic. JESS3 measured each band’s placement on the lineup (each tier represents the line of the poster the band appears on) with their number of Facebook fans on each band’s official Facebook page. The question JESS3 begs: are the most popular acts are getting their proper share of the spotlight?

Now, eight bands weren’t on Facebook, so they aren’t included. Also, like in the instance of  Jurassic 5, a band that has an auto-generated community page as well as an official Facebook page, we only included the official Facebook page data in the infographic.

Considering the data, for the most part, headliners are in the right place. The notable exceptions include German DJ Paul Kalkbrenner with the second highest number of Facebook fans overall but a mid-level placement, and Cafe Tacvba from Mexico with over one million “likes” due to its international audience.

JESS3_Blog_Coachella_V2 (2)_600x_coachella copy

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