Cupid Gets Creepy… and Then Some, Online and in Your Message Box

These days, Cupid has a whole new kind of “look” to him. It’s kind of like he’s learned to adapt to present day standards. He’s evolved with the times like a bacteria clinging on for mere existence. I’m all for love, but these days, people are getting real, and realistic when it comes to romance. 2013 cupid is ragged, old, warn, sunken-in, weighed-down, spat-out, disenchanted  … and online. He’s wreaking havoc like he’s never wreaked havoc before — in the form of OKcupid messages.

IF you haven’t had the chance to see these on Mashable or The Huffington Post, JESS3 and the team cooked up some wonderfully creepy OKcupid graphic for Valentine’s Day 2013. Don’t hesitate to share the love, LOL.

JESS3_ED_vday_styles_v6-01 JESS3_ED_vday_styles_v6-02 JESS3_ED_vday_styles_v6-03 JESS3_ED_vday_styles_v6-04 JESS3_ED_vday_styles_v6-06 JESS3_ED_vday_styles_v6-05

Visit the JESS3 blog for the story behind these beautiful creations. #HappyValentinesDay!

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