The Workplace Zodiac by JESS3

The latest infographic, created by JESS3 for their client Mindjet, is one I can relate to. Okay, everyone can relate to it. The infographic takes the 8 most common personality types in the workplace and manages to somehow map out who works best with whom, and why. I know the teams involved with this project spent tons of time researching the angles.

I think this entire Workology campaign Mindjet is running is pretty brilliant.

The 8 personality types they used are rooted in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality rubric — which adds some factual excitement to the graphic. Take the personality quiz to see where you fall:

I took the quiz, but didn’t need to… haha I am definitely The Cheerleader. I don’t give up, and don’t let my team give up either. Woot. Cheers to that… Check out the infographic:


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