Subway Stories: The Goodwill Donut


So, I saw this on my ride home today. I didn’t open it, although I must say I kept thinking if I did, maybe there would money inside — or a secret key to the “kingdom.” As you can imagine, the rest of the subway home was filled with me making a story out of this act of goodwill. My imagination went, so-called, “down-the-rabbit-hole” with this prop. So in a way, it served it’s purpose of feeding the hungry. Despite all the hungry people in this city, I truly doubt someone took this auspicious package and hope someone didn’t call and report it. If I see it on the news tonight, I won’t be shocked.

Somehow, I know exactly how, *I* ended up sitting next to this thing. I hurried in the subway (New Yorkers know this means I pulled a DEFCON5-worthy-sprint in my booties from the top of the stairs to make it in before the doors closed and left me in a concrete cave of dreary for 15 minutes), and took a seat the first place I could, which happened to be right next to this sign. I sat there, because no one was sitting around that area, and since people generally don’t like touching on the subway, it seemed like a good spot. I was the only one around it (again, I was alone-ish), because people were avoiding the thing like the plague. They were curious though. When I sat down, noticed it and took a picture of it some brave soul across the car asked me what it said. He was unamused. Clearly not hungry and care not about Hamlet. For the rest of the ride new subway entrees looked at me as if maybe I placed it there and sat down so I could watch who took it. Since living in New York I’ve had to perfect that, “I don’t know what to tell you, but I didn’t do it” gaze.

This auspicious package though, brightened my day. I truly hope it did feed someone hungry, besides myself.