Named CEO of Bookstr, Inc.

I was recently named CEO of Bookstr Inc. It’s a rather large update for not having added something on here in a few years. As you can see, I have been busy. 🙂

I’m honored to put this on my website. Here is the press release link and the text down below. Now, back to work for me…


The Reading Room Acquired by Bookstr

The Reading Room business, including its website and Bookstr platform, has been sold for an undisclosed sum to a new entity and rebranded as Bookstr.

We are excited to announce the change, and look forward to pivoting toward more mobile initiatives. We have a lot to do and will hit the ground running.

The Reading Room business, including its website and Bookstr platform, has been sold for an undisclosed sum to a new entity and rebranded as Bookstr.

The Reading Room, which boasts almost 2 million members, and more than 2.5 million organic social media followers will continue as a web discovery site under the Bookstr brand. The focus of Bookstr will be on mobile and dedicated to the discovery of new books and authors, with the launch of the Bookstr app scheduled for later this year. The app will predominantly focus on millennial women aged 18-34 who already make up the core of The Reading Room’s user base.

Effective immediately, Sarah Elizabeth Hill has been appointed CEO of Bookstr, Inc. Sarah, formerly head of Product and Marketing for The Reading Room, has been a major contributor to the growth in The Reading Room’s audience and is ideal to take up the role.

“I am delighted Sarah has accepted this role,” said Reading Room Inc. CEO Kim Anderson. “She is a thoughtful and dynamic leader and I can think of no-one better to take on this challenging role. She is ideal to develop this next phase of social discovery for books.”

“We are excited to announce the change, and look forward to pivoting toward more mobile initiatives. We have a lot to do and will hit the ground running.” Hill said.

She continued, “Our customers have paved the way for us in defining what it is they want from a book discovery platform on mobile. That means being immediate, social, and engaging, while at the same time providing highly relevant, trusted content and recommendations. Bookstr aims to provide a breakthrough social platform to help readers find the books they want to read.”

Advisers to Bookstr include New York based tech and publishing heavy-weights: Michael Friedman, Mark Edmiston, and Missy Godfrey.

About Bookstr
Based in New York City, Bookstr is at the forefront of engagement and discovery with an emphasis on mobile while encouraging customer engagement across platforms.


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Featured on Ladies Lunch Guild: Sarah Hill

Find the original interview here: Sarah Hill.

I am honored to be included as an inspirational woman on the Ladies Lunch Guild blog. Here is the Q & A below copied from:



Sarah Hill


Director of Content & Product Strategy at TheReadingRoom in NY, USA

What qualities do you feel you possess that have helped you reach career goals to date?

This is a tough one. I think perseverance is a quality of mine that is up there. There have been a dozen or more people sprinkled throughout my career who have told me in various ways that I wasn’t going to be successful. When I was in news, it was, “If you’re lucky, you’ll be a really good producer in your home town, but you won’t be able to branch out.” When I was younger and still looking for a foot in the door, negative feedback really caused me to doubt myself. I’m glad I didn’t believe them, and instead I used those negative experiences as fuel. I have also heard a lot of “No’s,” and without perseverance I believe I would have given up or settled. To keep trying is the hardest part.

I used those negative experiences as fuel.

As for other qualities, I would say integrity. It has helped me and hurt me, but it only hurt me when I was at the wrong place with the wrong people.

Do you have any memorable or career ‘wow’ factor moments that stick out in your mind?

One time I received an email from Desmond Tutu (on his iPad), it was a pretty big wow moment for me.

I was also fortunate enough to do social media for Super Bowl XLVIII – that was pretty exciting. I thought I would never be successful. It doesn’t take much for me to be wowed.

Who do you think the next generation is looking to for inspiration? Are they looking in the right places?

I have no idea who the next generation is looking to, although I wish I did. If I had to guess, I would say fashion designers or tech women like Sheryl Sandberg, actresses turned entrepreneurs like Jessica Alba, or the women of Shark Tank. There are still very few role models for women and minorities in business, however it’s growing. Whoever it is, I hope the next generation continues to seek out and find people from around the world who inspire them.

I hope the next generation continues to seek out and find people from around the world who inspire them.

What advice would you give yourself 5/10 years ago?

I would say something like this, “You’re going to fail, but you’ll be okay and better for it. Keep going.” I’d also tell myself to fight for what I want, and to not let go of the experiences I’ve earned.

Looking back, what would you have done differently?

Nothing. I don’t mean that in an arrogant way, but I think it has all bettered me. The ups and downs and wins and losses have made me better. I have worked hard to get where I am and I respect myself for it. A part of me wishes I had my Masters in business, but with the way student loans are today it’s hard to justify that move. I also think if I had a Masters under my belt, I would not have struggled as much. I think the failures and struggles I’ve encountered helped me build a strong foundation for myself, and I wouldn’t change it.

The ups and downs and wins and losses have made me better.

What in your life gives you the greatest satisfaction and fulfillment?

Helping other people. I say that knowing that it’s just as selfish as saying I want to sip champagne on a rooftop all day or buy 20 cars (although that sounds lovely too). At the end of the day though, it is genuinely satisfying for me to help someone. It is really fulfilling to look at the comments from people on our social sites at The Reading Room. People say we bring so much joy to their lives by doing what we do. We have people from all over the world write to us and tell us about their lives and about the books and authors who have made their existence more meaningful. I hope we can always do that for people. There is a lot of hurt in the world, and if I can do something to help someone else experience that less I will be happy.

Where do you look for inspiration and support?

I look to female and male mentors in my life. Kim Anderson and Leslie Bradshaw, among many in my career are beyond inspiring and supportive. I look to my parents, friends, partner, and coworkers. I look at the people before me who have left little seeds of wisdom in random places. I look to the news and think about the people in the stories and what I can do to help those people.  I think about the women before me who weren’t able to get the opportunity they deserved, and I think about the people after me who I will want to encourage. Somewhere really far down the line, I look to all the people who said I couldn’t. But they are very far down the list, and I usually don’t get to them by the time I’m feeling inspired again.

Sarah Hill

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Where did the time go?

Don’t you hate it when people are like, “Oh gawd, it’s Tuesday 2014, where did the time go?” Yeah, me too. However, that is me… on this blog. I am so far behind I can’t even tell you. A few exciting things have happened. I have been working over at and on their social media growth. It is growing, exponentially.


If you don’t like us on Facebook, you should. 🙂 You will see all the lovely posts I put up for book lovers.


Also, I have moved. Well I am moving, tomorrow hopefully along Park Ave. you will see me hauling all my Ikea furniture… if you see me. Honk.


More to come everyone!… however also, if you want to check out what is going on at maybe you should do that too.

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Subway Stories: The Goodwill Donut


So, I saw this on my ride home today. I didn’t open it, although I must say I kept thinking if I did, maybe there would money inside — or a secret key to the “kingdom.” As you can imagine, the rest of the subway home was filled with me making a story out of this act of goodwill. My imagination went, so-called, “down-the-rabbit-hole” with this prop. So in a way, it served it’s purpose of feeding the hungry. Despite all the hungry people in this city, I truly doubt someone took this auspicious package and hope someone didn’t call and report it. If I see it on the news tonight, I won’t be shocked.

Somehow, I know exactly how, *I* ended up sitting next to this thing. I hurried in the subway (New Yorkers know this means I pulled a DEFCON5-worthy-sprint in my booties from the top of the stairs to make it in before the doors closed and left me in a concrete cave of dreary for 15 minutes), and took a seat the first place I could, which happened to be right next to this sign. I sat there, because no one was sitting around that area, and since people generally don’t like touching on the subway, it seemed like a good spot. I was the only one around it (again, I was alone-ish), because people were avoiding the thing like the plague. They were curious though. When I sat down, noticed it and took a picture of it some brave soul across the car asked me what it said. He was unamused. Clearly not hungry and care not about Hamlet. For the rest of the ride new subway entrees looked at me as if maybe I placed it there and sat down so I could watch who took it. Since living in New York I’ve had to perfect that, “I don’t know what to tell you, but I didn’t do it” gaze.

This auspicious package though, brightened my day. I truly hope it did feed someone hungry, besides myself.

King Cake: A Humble Story of Food and Reminders

Every once in a while, a moment happens that reminds me that I am still in touch with the universe. Sure, go ahead throw me on to the hippie bus now, or whatever you want to do. But things happen, and I try to stay attune to them. They used to happen a lot more and lately I’ve felt shunned from the powers at be. Not really, but I just haven’t felt that “touch” of magic that life brings with it on special occasions.

Until today. Sure, I’m looking into things. Sure, I’m connecting things that shouldn’t really be connected. Blah, blah, blah, fine. I know. But as promised I blog about the thrills I come across. And call me crazy or delusional, but for whatever reason, in my mind, the magic meter went off and I was stuck telling myself, “there are no coincidences, pay attention, Sarah.”

Okay, I’ll go already.

My grandmother passed away in January. I was close to her. She and my aunt, who passed away suddenly two years ago, used to have a way of looking at life that was just hilarious. They are the last, besides my cousin and mom, part of my mom’s family. To my aunt and my grandmother, everything was funny and fixable. They would say things like, “Be lazy,” or “It’s nap-thirty.” Coming from the woods of Louisiana, you can only imagine. They were each civilized women with a backwoods past. Let’s say they kept their southern charm with them, always. I mean that endearing, btw.

Anyways, I miss them. And, coincidentally enough I had a dream about them last weekend. My aunt was on Friday night, and my grandmother on Saturday night. Basically not to make a big deal of it I saw my aunt as an angel. I know, who believes in angels? I don’t know. And truly she just was glowing, so I don’t know… maybe my brain was just getting creative in my sleep. For all I knew she just came out of a Chernobyl pool. But from where I saw things, she looked glowy, and beautiful.

Saturday, I saw my grandmother. She was haunting me actually — in a good way, okay. I would fall asleep and hear her, and then wake up and look around, and fall asleep and hear her again. It was truly bizarre and so frustrating. In one of my dreams actually, I asked, “Nanna is that you?” and she replied, “you guessed it right!” She was full of energy and truly bouncing all around — I felt like she was playing a game of Rumpelstiltskin . So I am like, “where are you?” and she says, “guess.” And I say, “Are you in the chair?” Because there is this looming chair right by the bed that is the size / shape of a person in the dark and terrifies me if I look at it in the middle of the night in the wrong light. And in my dream I heard her laugh and make an inappropriate joke that only she could come up with, “Now, why would I be in the chair when I could be in the bed next to you two, snuggling with you guys?” Annnnd, there you have it. I was in fact sleeping in my boyfriend’s bed and in my dream, my grandmother was aware of it and giving me shit for it. I woke up, looked over to the space next to me (opposite of the boyfriend), and, of course, no one was there.

Needless to say I was somewhat terrified. I wanted to laugh and like, sit in the closet and hide for 10 hours all at the same time. I felt her presence so strongly. I didn’t get much sleep for two nights after that. Nanna… she’s always been mischievous.

Well, the week that followed was hell. Okay, not really. I became disappointed with many aspects of my life. I had to face things that I didn’t really know were coming to a head. I can’t believe how some elements of my life have unfolded. I looked at lost friendships, angry people, my finances, a few other things that were just troubling or disappointing — and believe you-me, I know many of them usually are a result of, well, me or my own actions. At one point I prayed for something to give a little. I needed some grace from the negative energy I was wrapped up in. I needed a break from things making me sad. Because normally, I’m very happy.

I was at my boyfriend’s all week because my roommate was sick and since my roommate and I share a room it was a valid health measure. And, luckily, the boyfriend makes me happy even when I’m sad. When he can tell something is wrong he won’t stop hugging me unless I cry. I spent almost three years of my life not shedding a tear. I was angry and refused to acknowledge emotions. So now there is like a bank of tears and I have no problem letting them out. Now, I cry at the drop of a hat, and I let myself. I’m actually a strong individual, so it took a lot for me to let that go. Anyways, now if my boyfriend knows I am sad, and he gives me a hug and I don’t cry… he knows something is really wrong and that I want to cry, so he gives an extra squeeze and I fight it and then just release it. Haha I guess, in its own way, it’s its own kind of therapy. After tears, I’m pretty quick at recovery.

Anyways, so I’m like sulking, clearly. I haven’t seen the sun in like months. It’s freezing in New York, still. I started my period. I’m out of money.  I’m dealing with issues on most fronts. And I go to work, pretty much just waiting for something to put me in a good mood. Like, anything.

If you need to know one thing about me, know that people make me very happy. All kinds of people, but particularly nice people.

So I go to make my new favorite lunch, an egg sandwich. It’s mayo, an egg, and low-fat wheat bread. I know, horrible. But I love it, my grandfather used to eat mayo and bread, and now my mom does it, and now I do it. It was a New Orleans thing I am told.

I’m making my sandwich and my company’s Janitor/ Mr.Fix-it comes into the break room. He looks like he saw a ghost. He’s stunned. He starts telling me this story about how the woman who came to fix our hot water machine (… that was broken all week), was actually a relative of his. They found this out through conversation about the machine (not sure how that evolved though) that they are cousins. I’m like what? You met a long lost relative today? Dear God that is exciting. I look at him and wonder why he isn’t jumping up and down. And we discuss that for a while and then he gets into his family from New Orleans and it’s all very interesting and at some point I want to tell him I have roots there, but I don’t. Until he brings up my sandwich.

“Oh mayo and bread, huh?” And at first I am alarmed because I have been politely borrowing someone else’s mayo in the fridge all week. And so I thought the mayo was his and he all the sudden he was going to like go nutso on me and tell my boss and then I would be the girl who was fired over mayo. But no, he found it amusing and told me he loves mayo and bread, and that his family has that tradition of eating mayo and bread, but he has never seen someone else like it. And so I tell him I actually have roots in NOLA too and he laughs and we talk about it for a bit and go our separate ways. I tell him I am thrilled he met his cousin today, because I am for whatever reason. I thought it was cool, and for a few minutes I got to think and talk about my family from Louisiana. I miss them, and on occasions they haunt me, so NBD, but it’s fun to think about when they were here in real life and not haunting my dreams.

I leave, go to my desk and go grab tea in the secret break room only the marketing department can use. Much to my surprise I walk in and see that an anonymous person left a king cake and plates for everyone. If you don’t know what that is, you are not alone. It is a New Orleans tradition. But this king cake was just sitting there. Like, hey here is a king cake. “Here I am, your kiiing cake.” And I can hear someone from above say, “here’s you’r sign yah dipsh*t.”

The only king cakes I have seen in the last few years are the ones in NOLA ( while I was there for my grandmother’s funeral) and this one in my office, in New York, around people who don’t know what it is. It turns out it was sent to us by “a friend from the south.” I am sure this friend is a salesman or vendor. But I found it odd two different events in a total of about 10 minutes would tie me back to my roots so quickly. I looked up and wondered if my aunt and grandmother were sitting there on their clouds or what not, looking down and laughing about how freaked out my face looked when I walked into the secret break room. I know they are sitting there telling me to lighten up. So, I will.