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Sarah is CEO of Bookstr and is responsible for rebranding the company from The Reading Room, which she joined in 2012 as their first American Employee. Sarah has extensive experience in media and technology. Prior to Bookstr, Sarah worked as a VP of Product, and as Community Manager at The Reading Room. Here she wrote and managed the app launching this Fall. She also grew their Facebook audience organically from 40,000 page likes to over 1 million in just over a year.  Sarah has also held positions with MetLife Stadium, JESS3, Urban Dealight, and Al Jazeera English. At MetLife Stadium, Sarah was tasked with managing social strategy and reporting during the Super Bowl. At JESS3 she was able to work with brands like Twitter, Nike, AMEX, Chiboni, HBO and more on their digital projects. While she was at the e-commerce site, Urban Dealight, Sarah grew their editorial department from 1 to 10 people and created the company voice. Sarah received a B.A. in Journalism and Professional Writing, graduating with Honors from The University of Oklahoma.

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